Terms and Conditions of Trade

The following constitute the terms and conditions of business between Complete Plumbing Services Ltd, the supplier of goods and services, and you the client.

Labour for plumbing, roofing, drainage, gasfitting:
Hourly rate: Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm $95.00 OT rate $145.00 Call out after hours rate $210.00

To unblock drains, costs as follows;
Hydro-jet $173.00 per hour, after hours $220.00 per hour
Root cutting $173.00 per hour, after hours $220.00 per hour
CCTV video inspection $225.00 per hour, after hours $273.00 per hour
Vehicle $39.00 per site call, after hours $39.00 per site call

The above rates are all plus GST and exclude public holidays.

How we charge: Minimum charge one hour, then to the nearest 1/4 hour thereafter.
Time charged includes time on site and traveling time and all that which is required to undertake and complete the work.
Materials: Recommended retail price unless otherwise stated.
No retentions or deductions unless otherwise agreed in writing by Complete Plumbing Services Ltd.

Payment on Completion
Payment is due as detailed above. Where work is undertaken over a period exceeding one month, invoices may be issued for progress payments covering work done and costs incurred up to the date of the invoice. If you disagree for any reason with the claimed amount, you will respond to us in writing before the payment is due. An overdue payment shall attract interest at an annual rate of 3% calculated monthly and any expense incurred by us recovering this debt shall be added to your account.

Unblocking of drains, toilets etc. Simply clearing the blockage does not imply that the cause of the blockage has been
rectified. It may block again which will incur additional costs. Blockages are generally caused by tree roots, faulty joints or
broken pipes, objects which have entered the drain e.g. toys, sanitary napkins/tampons, disposable nappies etc. We suggest
that when a drain blocks for the second time, you request a further investigation to determine the cause. This may require
obtaining a copy of the Council Drainage Plan or video survey so that the appropriate inspection points can be easily located.
Once the cause is located an estimated cost to rectify can be made.

Fault finding, repairs, and maintenance: Sometimes this is a process of elimination and may require more than one attempt.
For example; roof leaks, noisy pipes, intermittent faults etc. Where further work is required it will be charged for.


Any goods and materials supplied by us shall remain our property until paid and while any money is due to us. If any money remains unpaid or you are in breach of any obligation to us, we or our agents are authorized by you to enter your premises to recover and resell any or all of those goods and materials.
We may require you to facilitate registration of a financing statement under the Personal Property Securities Act 1999 to give us perfected security in any goods supplied.